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TL Custom Graphics

Web site design and printing projects. I’ve done small books, invitations, post cards and newsletters. Call or email to schedule a job.

Tim's Computer and Network Service

I do computer network and repair onsite at your home or business. I diagnose and repair networking problems, design home or small business networks and have experience with wireless bridge networks.

New Items in the shop

You can now purchase web site design, Computer repair labor bundles, and management services from my Shop page. See the link in the menu above.

About our services

Computer repair: The biggest problem people have is Malware on their computers. There are fixes for getting it off but the biggest thing is changing the habits that got it there in the first place. I recommend you download malewarebytes for your computer. It does a very good job of cleaning tho at times other software may be needed to get completely clean, I also am offering the Teamviewer and IT Brain combination for for less than $15 per month. See my Shop page to purchase now.

Tim always has given me quick service, honest billing, and successful results

Floyd Howe

Tim has always provided good service to our church.

United Methodist

Great service, friendly, knowledgeable and reasonable prices. We had used other computer repair businesses down through the years with considerable frustration but once we found Tim’s Computer Repair, he became our go-to guy for our computer repair and new purchases. Couldn’t be more pleased.

Koerner Heights

Your computer problem can be solved. Contact me now to find out how!

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Tim's Computer Repair

1581 Indigo Rd,
Hillsboro, KS 67063
(620) 266-9191


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