Smart phones are hear to stay and currently the easiest to use are Android.  So you might be asking your self if you need a smart phone.  Here are some reasons for and against smart phones.


One device instead of many.   I still see people going around with a bill fold full of business cards and they have a cell phone and they have a GPS on the dash of their pickup.   These are the first things that you can consolidate into a smart phone, the next is your lists and notes.  You probably have a notebook and or a gorcery or parts list.  These easily consolidate into your smart phone.  Maybe you have some reference material for your work.  Can if be scanned into a pdf?  That is one less thing you need to carry. Calendar and reminders, sure you can use your non smart phone for a alarm clock, but can it keep your calendar or schedule and show you what is next and remind you when it is time to leave to drive there?

Then there are all the apps that you can add.  What you need depends on your type of work.  You might need a level or something for rough measurements, you might need an app to keep a log of activity or fuel and travel to make expense reports or to track fuel mileage and vehicle costs.  Maybe you  need to be able to measure a wifi signal strength or to record how long you talks to a client.


One device instead of may.  Hmm… you might say, didn’t you just say that in the pro arguments?  Yes I did, but in the cons section the argument is that there is only one point of failure so that if your battery goes dead you are done until you can find a place to recharge.  Battery life is the biggest problem for a lot of phones.  Make sure that you get one that has at least 50% more battery life than you think you will need.

They can be a big distraction.  Don’t use it while driving or in social situations where it distracts you from the people you are with.  It is dangerous and rude!