gotouchMany of us are used to the touch-based user interface across numerous devices, ranging from our smartphones to watches and tablets. Heck, even refrigerators have also moved into the touchscreen era, so does the regular whiteboard in a corporate meeting room have any chance of remaining in the analog world? Perhaps for a little while longer, but with advancements introduced in the office marketplace such as the GoTouch, things would move along a whole lot faster. The GoTouch is device that transforms communication and collaboration as it will be able to turn any screen into an interactive one instantly.

With the GoTouch, it showcases a new way to express, explore and expand on ideas in a totally new and exciting method. Not only that, the GoTouch is also highly portable, being easy to use which will be able to turn any kind of TV or projector into a giant interactive touchscreen whiteboard that can be written or drawn on. All it takes are a few simple steps, and the GoTouch pens will enable teams to scribble to their hearts’ content. It does not matter whether you are performing a brainstorming session, revising existing concepts, or simply sharing sparks of inspiration, the GoTouch will be able to get the job done with its pen and 2.5 ounce sensor.

The sensor will make use of high end infrared technology in order to trace the infrared light emitted from the pen tip as it makes its way across the screen. The sensor will then be able to transmit such inputs into your OS, PC, tablet or smartphone over a Bluetooth connection, letting whatever you scribe on the screen with the GoTouch pen appear there, in addition to other “invited” devices within the same session. Sort of like an interactive whiteboard, but so much more.

GoTouch will play nice with Windows and Android platforms, and iOS smartphones and tablets. Support for Mac OS will be introduced in due time.

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