1 year IT Brain and Teamviewer Pro subscription


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IT Brain and Teamviewer

This subscription will get you access to my Teamviewer pro. I will be able to connect and help you with computer problems almost anytime you need help.  The IT Brain malware scanning and monitoring service will keep your computer free from malware and alert me if there are problems with your computer.

The subscription includes 4 hours of connection time for the year as I help with what ever problems you call me about.

  • How it works,  first you subscribe.
  • When you have a computer problem you call me.
  • If needed I connect to your computer and walk you thru fixing the problem or correct  what ever needs correcting.  If you want me to monitor your computer above and beyond the connecting when you call, We can setup a connection for anytime remote access, so I can do system maintenance on a regular basis. I will negotiate this on a per instance basis.
  • Once the included  4 hours are used you can pay my regular rate for that year or purchase the 10 or 20 hr pack at a discounted rate.

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