Whether planting a beautiful maple, flowering dogwood – or an apple, cherry or peach tree – Fall is one of the best times to establish new trees in your landscape. Our apple trees were planted in the fall of 2012 – and should begin producing soon. The cooler temperatures of autumn allow for less stress on newly planted trees – especially compared to planting during the Spring or Summer months – when fledgling trees can face soaring temperature swings and sweltering heat. It can also mean far less watering chores to get them established. Fall planting allows for just enough time for the roots of a tree to become established – getting them accustomed to the soil and preparing them for fast growth the following year. How To Plant: The Importance Of Digging The Hole One of the most important parts of planting a tree is in the digging of the hole. The size of your planting hole should be dug to about two times the diameter of the container that your tree came in. Some people get nervous thinking that 2x’s the size of the container means digging a deep hole – but this only applies to the diameter. As for that depth – you will […]

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